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Designs to make your clients drooling what can we say…!? Flyers, logo, icons, web and mobile layouts are our specialty.

Quality Items

Our Items are tested in many ways. Sometimes are even reviewed by independent teams to fit Clients or Market needs and to look stunning. That\’ s why we call this website Independent Design Lab.

Powerful Content

Multidisciplinary and cross-platform design. This means that our items are made for looking good in any way in every screen or print. Of course we do Identity Branding as well.

Refined Products

We make timeless design just to make sure that you have hipster Items. Wanna check? take a look on our Portfolio

Yes, we do handcrafted, mousemade design content!

Are you ready to show off and make some jaws drop?

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"...after seeing his Logos the only thing that i knew for sure is that i want this guy in all my next projects. Bruno Maioral is a Designer Jedi period."

− Andrew Arentoft

"Great designer to work with! Very professional and prompt, highly recommended for all kinds of design work. Have done two jobs with Bruno thus far and both have come out perfect.Very talented and business savvy which is a very rare combo to find."

− Aishwarya Jiva

Hi There! Welcome to BMachina website.

I have started this website in 2011 and the initial idea was to be a regular Portfolio Showcase.  But the things have gone a little deeper and started to grow day by day since then. What it seems to be a little task like show a item in the Portfolio Tab become a high demand item in some Design Markets and sometimes i have to ask a few friends (My Super Awesome Team) for some help.

In this website you can find some of our work whether for sale or not, but also some freebies, inspiration and crazy stuff that we want to share with you. You can always take a look on the blog section or subscribe the RSS feed or the Newsletter to stay tuned with us.

Please be welcome and drop us a few lines on a e-mail about how´s the weather? We are friendly people!