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Some Rock ‘n’ Roll Reading… Not Just for Kids!

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The History of Rock for Big Fans and Little Punks


It’s not the first time we publish something about music here at BMACHINA Blog but today we definitely have something different here.

A friend of mine, Rita, recently published a book in called The History of Rock (for Big Fans and Little Punks), which is the first-ever complete and illustrated History of Rock music made into a children’s book. Pretty neat, hum?!

Don’t know about you but we love Rock music, we love kids and these days we think it’s very important they start to know how do we get here in music. So, we love the cause!

The book features the top artists and bands from every period of rock music history as well as from other genres and artistic movements that influenced rock music.

From Rock ‘n’ Roll pioneers of the 1950s to the 21st-century rockers, the book is divided into 35 chronological chapters.

the history of rock

the history of rock


The authors, Rita Nabais and Joana Raimundo, selected and illustrated the most important and influential rock bands and solo musicians since the 50s, including artists like Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Lou Reed, Björk, and bands such as Nirvana, U2, Talking Heads, Breeders, The Prodigy, Sonic Youth, Metallica, The Beach Boys, The Clash and many more.

In addition to legendary rock musicians and bands, the book also features and describes the artistic movements that influenced rock or were influenced by it, such as Blues, Jazz, Soul or Hip-Hop, highlighting the bands responsible for the most creative and groundbreaking fusions.

The “History of Rock for Big Fans and Little Punks” is a book meant to be read by kids and to unite families around music and literature.

By browsing the book together, while watching music videos and listening to the suggested songs, kids will enjoy the songs their parents love.

The book and the posters are also a fun collection of Joana’s illustrated portraits that have already received an enthusiastic thumbs up from legends such as Iggy Pop himself.


Definitely, a must have!

Here’s the kickstarter page and Social links:




Dandelion + Dream + Font = Dreamdelion Script

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Dreamdelion FontDreamdelion Script Effect

What happens when we mix a delicate Dandelion with a beautiful Dream in a shape of a Font?

Dreamdelion Font – A beautifully nostalgic and unique font script with a sweet natural look, and somewhat childish.

Dreamdelion is special because his fluidness is slightly imperfect, resulting in a lovingly handwritten monoline script, with an air of a vintage and a nostalgic touch. It does remind us our first school days when blowing a Dandelion was a fascinating discovery.

Dreamdelion is a multi-purpose and extremely versatile font.

Unlike most of the other scripts, Dreamdelion Font is great for logos, headers, and headlines but his bigger strength is when you use it on texts. It produces a gorgeous text block completely unique from the rest of the fonts. But don’t take my word for it, see it for yourself on the Preview N#6 and N#7. Your layouts are going to be remarkably different with just selecting Dreamdelion font.

COMMERCIAL USE READY – No Extended License is required to use this pack for commercial use – you may use it to produce unlimited items/projects for unlimited sales. This includes also illustrations and logo templates, etc.

This font can run on any software but works better if using a design software to access all special characters (Swash, Stylistic Alternates, Discretionary Ligatures & Ligatures ) such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design, Corel Draw etc.

Here’s a list how you access all the extras in a font:

More info

Congratulations Amar Pelos Dois! Congratulations to everything that is made with love!

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eurovision salvador and luisa sobral

Yes, we are a small Design Studio based in Portugal. But more important than proud for being so well represented in a Eurovision Song Contest where the style of the music usually does not tell us anything to the BMACHINA team, #amarpelosdois represents everything that is done with heart and usually does not have a place in something like #eurovision. So, we as creators, we think that the flowers should go to all who gave birth to something so simple and beautiful and not so much to the language in which it was interpreted. Congratulations to Music, to arts and to everything that is made with love! Salvador and Luisa Sobral, you guys are beautiful! Thank you!

Design an Adorable Christmas Card in Adobe Illustrator

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This is a great tutorial for Illustrator beginners from our friends from designcuts.com. They will be creating an adorable Christmas card in Adobe Illustrator using hand-drawn illustrations, patterns and ornaments.
You can also enjoy a wonderful sample pack from our current bundle, bringing you adorable illustrations, shapes and textures.
Adorable Christmas Card
You can follow the Tutorial on the link below and don’t forget to subscribe the YouTube channel for regular updates direct to your inbox:


15 Retro Inspired Seamless Vector Patterns creative market

15 Retro Inspired Vector Patterns

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It all start when I saw my office kitchen’s floor! A beatiful Retro Inspired Pattern.

15 Retro Inspired Seamless Vector Patterns 3

A few months ago, me and one of my colleagues we decided to move into a small office downtown. It is located in an old area of our city in a building which is fully loaded of history.

Before us, a small Design Laboratory, this space was rented fora  dentist, and before was rented for shrink, but even before that was a lawyer office and before that it was…. I don’t know what it was before that but it doesn’t matter because I was completely overwhelming by these old beautiful old, retro inspired patterns all over the place.

So, after we moved in I realize what was going to be my next items and I quickly get my hands dirty. I started photographing, sketching, documenting and getting together all the stuff with my colleague help.

real stuff patterns

This first pack of 15 Retro Inspired Seamless Patterns is just a small sample of the beautiful patterns we have here in the building but also the starting point to dig a little deeper, and let our imagination flow, so we can offer you a few more that were inspired from 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

I really hope you have lots of fun using them because they look gorgeous whatever you put them. And remember they are REPEATABLE and fully scalable because they are 100% VECTOR, so they are perfect for printing on paper, fabrics, or simply as backgrounds on Photoshop.

Here’s what’s included in this pack:

  • 15 Seamless Vector Patterns – Adobe Illustrator (.AI CS6)
  • 15 Seamless Vector Patterns – Encapsulated PostScript (.EPS)
  • 15 JPGs and 15 Transparent PNGs with 3508x4292px – 300DPi

You can find all the info on the link below but here’s just a sneak peak of what you can do with them:

15 Retro Inspired Seamless Vector Patterns creative market 515 Retro Inspired Seamless Vector Patterns creative market15 Retro Inspired Seamless Vector Patterns creative market15 Retro Inspired Seamless Vector Patterns 115 Retro Inspired Seamless Vector Patterns creative market15 Retro Inspired Seamless Vector Patterns 215 Retro Inspired Seamless Vector Patterns creative

BMACHINA Design Laboratories turned 3 today!

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We want to celebrate with you all weekend long 😀

BMACHINA Design Laboratories turned 3 today! YAY!

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Hey there! Bruno here, I know you’re busy wrapping up your Friday and getting ready for the weekend but I just want to let you know that we are making some changes on our server and we are expecting some downtimes and normal DNS issues for a few days.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause you and please contact  (info@bmachina.com) us if you need something.

Thanks so much,


NOTE: Processing Orders will be preceded regular as previous scheduled but please expect some delay in new Logo/Item Customizations.


1200+ Top Quality Textures and Patterns 95% Off!

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We’ve all wasted time sifting through subpar freebies trying to find the perfect resource for our projects. It’s time to stop searching and instead arm yourself with the best tools available. This comprehensive library of top quality textures and patterns provides you with a ready-to-use selection of best-selling designs sure to amplify your design work. This is an exclusive chance to own them for 95% off the regular price with unbeatable license terms.

A Complete Collection of Stunning Textures and Patterns To Cover You For Any Project

Textures and patterns are an essential part of every designer’s workflow. Whether you’re creating a beautiful backdrop for your work or adding depth and detail to your creations with intricate overlays, they’re incredibly useful.

This collection of textures, patterns and backgrounds is so comprehensive that it’s the ultimate time-saver. In the past, I’ve spent exhausting hours looking for a single free texture or pattern to find that one elusive gem that often ended up being over-used in my work. This is why this bundle is packed with top quality designs, bringing you a complete library of texture/pattern goodness that you can draw on for years to come. Whatever your creative project, the 1200+ incredible designs in this collection will be at your fingertips, and ready to take your work to the next level.

colossal textures patterns