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    2 in 1 Mockup and Scene Creator

    19.00$ 14.00$

    2 in 1 Mockup and Scene Creator with Smart Objects and High-Quality Textures for backgrounds.

    Top View Objects and a special Snow Effect Layer with a Placeholder, whatever text or images you put inside will be automatically converted in snow.

    Items included:

    • 2 (Front and Back) A4 Papers (Smart Object)
    • 2 (Front and Back) Business Cards (Smart Object)
    • Dark Pen
    • Eraser
    • Smartphones (iPhone Pro, Samsung S10) (Smart Object)
    • Tablets (iPad Pro) (Mockup)
    • Snow Layers (On/Off)
    • Snow Effects Layer (Smart Object)
    • Changeable background (12 High-Quality Textures – Gold, Wood, Denim, Chalkboard)


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