That Vintage Look – Photoshop Actions


That Vintage Look is a special Photoshop action set that includes 20 Non-Destructive actions that will turn your “new” photos in authentic Old/Retro/Vintage feel.

That Vintage Look – Photoshop Actions

That Vintage Look – Photoshop Actions

I have tried to push things a little further and I also have included 4 Actions that were inspired from the photos of my parents wedding 😀

In the Box:

– 20 Non-Destructive Photoshop Actions (Leaves your original image unharmed)

  • 3 Base (00) actions that you can mix with other effects (Except with a few of them because they are extremely powerful. There are Nuclear Actions inside)
  • “Mom & Dad Mariage” are a simulation of Old Photo Processes discolored by time.
  • Lomo, with Leaks effects of course, and without using external textures 😉
  • Vintage Matte actions to achieve that popular matte effect
  • 3 variations of Instagram “Nashville” effect. I have called them “Tennessee” (Sounds more Pro).
  • A PDF with Help for installing and using this actions and the screenshots with the references.
  • Lost of fun.

And there you have it!
Hit me a message with any queries or questions.
Thanks and have a great day!


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