Washed Cloth Textures


We’re Excited to introduce you One-of-a-Kind Pack of 31 High-Resolution Dark Fabric Textures! They are just great to showcase your work or give some roughness to your boring flat shapes.

Give your work a Fresh/Vintage/Grungy Washed look with Washed Cloth Textures

Textures are not always beautiful by themselves and many can appear quite weird, but when you add a texture to your design, it gives that depth of field you might be looking for to make the image pops out.

This pack contains 31 High-Resolution Dark Fabric Textures, ideal for displaying logos, insignia’s, badges, infographics, or Websites Backgrounds.

Washed Cloth Textures provide an authentic washed up and used cloth feel to most any project.
Note: These textures do not tile or repeat. Each Texture is a full-page size 3000px x 1996px.

What’s included:

  • 31 Individual Washed Fabric Textures files in JPG format.
  • 30 Individual Distressed Washed Fabric Textures also in JPG format.


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