Some Rock ‘n’ Roll Reading… Not Just for Kids!

The History of Rock for Big Fans and Little Punks


It’s not the first time we publish something about music here at BMACHINA Blog but today we definitely have something different here.

A friend of mine, Rita, recently published a book in called The History of Rock (for Big Fans and Little Punks), which is the first-ever complete and illustrated History of Rock music made into a children’s book. Pretty neat, hum?!

Don’t know about you but we love Rock music, we love kids and these days we think it’s very important they start to know how do we get here in music. So, we love the cause!

The book features the top artists and bands from every period of rock music history as well as from other genres and artistic movements that influenced rock music.

From Rock ‘n’ Roll pioneers of the 1950s to the 21st-century rockers, the book is divided into 35 chronological chapters.

the history of rock
the history of rock


The authors, Rita Nabais and Joana Raimundo, selected and illustrated the most important and influential rock bands and solo musicians since the 50s, including artists like Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Lou Reed, Björk, and bands such as Nirvana, U2, Talking Heads, Breeders, The Prodigy, Sonic Youth, Metallica, The Beach Boys, The Clash and many more.

In addition to legendary rock musicians and bands, the book also features and describes the artistic movements that influenced rock or were influenced by it, such as Blues, Jazz, Soul or Hip-Hop, highlighting the bands responsible for the most creative and groundbreaking fusions.

The “History of Rock for Big Fans and Little Punks” is a book meant to be read by kids and to unite families around music and literature.

By browsing the book together, while watching music videos and listening to the suggested songs, kids will enjoy the songs their parents love.

The book and the posters are also a fun collection of Joana’s illustrated portraits that have already received an enthusiastic thumbs up from legends such as Iggy Pop himself.


Definitely, a must have!

Here’s the kickstarter page and Social links:




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